A Scientific Approach to LED Lighting

Thermal management in LED lighting system is crucially important. Intelligent Lighting Corp takes a scientific approach with material science and mechanical technology to significantly enhance LED lighting lifetime and quality. We make LED products the way they should be.

Intelligent Lighting Corp Products Include:

Intelligent Lighting Corp Utilizes Technology & Experience


Practical Engineering Solutions

It takes more than just lit up to define a “decent” LED lighting product. Accessibility of installation, light quality, assembly compatibility, component adaption, etc. all take credit to build a reliable, robust lighting product. Intelligent Lighting Corp takes advantage of our strong engineering capability to create products that make good sense.

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Industrial Design

LED’s incredible long life and durability has revolutionized the lighting industry, as well as the way it illuminates. Intelligent Lighting Corp has redesigned LED lighting products inside out to enhance longevity and durability performance; it takes macro reconstruction on mechanical design and micro detailing as the coating method to achieve this ideal product.

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